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    Hello all, I took this trip in August 2019 with my brothers. The trip was good. Guide coverage, knowledge was good. This entire had 3 Indians, 1 German and 10-15 Chinese. But Guides can be more professional. Eg. On 3rd day, after the San Diego trip, just coz other Chinese passengers requested guide, the guide stopped at a shopping mall for good 1 hour. Regards Ramakrishnan



    I couldn't have found anything better at this deal. My parents from India are visiting the US for the first time, this tour offered a guided tour to many of the important visiting places near to the Bay Area (most of the viewpoints at Yosemite, Vegas tours, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon). We loved this 4-day tour!! The Bus travel was super smooth, although the travel duration was long, there were suitable breakpoints to grab food and take restroom breaks, the vehicles were clean and well equipped so the journey was very comfortable. Our tour guides (Terence and Harry from Joy Holiday tours) were very helpful and ensured that all members were well coordinated for the trip and we could make it to all the Vegas shows on time. They explained all the details in both Chinese and English. They were very polite and sweet to my parents. I could just sit back and let the whole trip being planned by our guides. The hotels that were selected were all very clean and good enough for the price offered. This trip was recommended to me by my colleague and I just came back and recommended 5 of my friends about this. Really worth it! Thanks!