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    Chuen Tee


    整体参观令人满意。 基本上这个旅程适合中国人(主要是说普通话和广东话)。 英语说的很差。 唯一让我不高兴的是我没有购买膳食计划,导游说我们没有任何餐馆或餐馆的地方供我们坐下来吃,在抵达每个目的地后,我们发现这不是真的,只是有段距离, 我觉得导游不想带我们去附近的餐馆。 所以任何想参加这次旅行的人都必须正确地了解膳食计划!



    I just recently visited Yellowstone via Take Tours during last week of April. Normally the best time to visit is during July/August. However, the benefit of doing so in April is that there is no traffic and you get to spend more time on each site. The trip overall was great. You mainly spend 2 days in yellowstone and 2 days in travelling while you cover Spokane and Couer D'Adelen on your way. The overall road is very scenic and extremely beautiful they from west to east on i-90 and they road journey is very beautiful. The first day is very exciting as we cover the most famous spots including old faithful geyser and mud volcano area. You normally get an hour each in those places. Since there was no traffic we really got some more time to see additional places to see. Thanks to our tour guide he gave us plenty of time to visit to those additional places. During the second day the mammoth hot spring was pretty good. We couldn't get to see the falls as it was covered by snow but I have no regrets as we used that time to spend on the entrance where you will find plenty of wild life. We did see plenty of Elk's and Bison. No bears sorry. I think you need to hike and spend some time to see them. Carry a pair of binoculars. Also, get some nice shoes. Each trail in one of the spots in having a walk of 30 mins to an hour. The trip was almost perfect except a few parts. The stay in Missoula was in a below average hotel. It wasn't commensurate as QualityInn. I am finicky about the hotel but you really need a good place as you have a tight schedule you need a good sleep. The second day hotels were great. You really need a good hotel because they have quality mattress. Water coolers to fill your bottle and plugs compatible to charge your phones as this trip is mainly in van as opposed to bus. These are not that big of a deal but normally of the take tours trip do have good hotels. This was my first experience where I had a problem with it. Also, take tours should update their itinerary to have second day accommodating hotel near Yellowstone park. We spend 2 hours back and forth to get to the hotel which could have spend in yellowstone covering additional points. I understand there is a cost factor associated to it a little better arrangement can make it from a good trip to great trip. Overall it's a great value for money specially for three people. If I get another chance I would surely redo this trip again.